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We aim to have the kids IN the water as much as possible. Our classes are built to focus on fundamentals in a way that seems like play. Every day, students will review what they've learned and build on those skills. Our goal is to end each session with the kids feeling more confident with improved swimming skills.

Level 1

Swim Basics. Swimmers will learn swimming safety and basics through play, focusing on submerging their heads, blowing bubbles, supported front and back floats and kicking.

Level 2

Building on Swim Basics. Swimmers will continue to learn swimming safety and basics. The goal of this level is floating, gliding and retrieving submerged objects without assistance. Swimmers will get introduced to freestyle and backstroke.

Level 3

Strokes. This level focuses on learning and refining strokes for freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke as well as diving basics and treading water. Participants must be comfortable in deep water.

PLEASE NOTE: To accommodate as many kids as possible, we will be combining some of the levels. Swimmers will be given opportunities to progress their swimming throughout the combo levels according to their abilities.

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